At Rentsch Brewery, we believe in the notion "Think Globally, Act Locally."
The health of our environment and our communities is imperative to ensuring the beergarden life can be enjoyed for generations to come. It is with this in mind that we strive everyday to be conscious of the impacts we have on the world around us. While we know there is still much to do, the items below outline some of the efforts we've made.

Brewed with 100% Renewable Energy

We’ve made special investments to purchase all electric equipment so that our production runs entirely on wind and solar energy produced in West Texas. One example of this is our boilers which are traditionally powered by natural gas.

Recycling Program

Manufacturing can be a wasteful process. Packaging and ingredients come with their own boxes and wrapping that can become a burden on our landfills. It is our policy to recycle all possible materials and repurpose others. We offer a free pallet pick-up program where locals can take leftover shipping pallets to repurpose them and give them new life.

Foam to Farm

Once we’ve extracted all of the sugars from our grain it is sent to our silo out back. Instead of shipping it off to the landfill, this spent grain is given a new purpose as feed for cattle. We support our local agricultural economy by donating our used grain to farmers in our area.

Charitable Giving

We also aim to support the health of our local communities. We’ve partnered with dozens of local nonprofit organizations to support their efforts by hosting fundraising events and donating to their causes. Our team has volunteered for several community events and are always looking for new opportunities to give back.

Wind and Solar Powered kW Hours

Look for the Windmill!